OHM Holey Bunny 2.0

Holey Bunny 2.0

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16.650,00 руб
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How do you improve upon something so beloved? By making it move! Our Holey Bunny 2.0 has an ear, eye, and paw that move to make them even more lifelike. Of course, when you were a little kid, your favorite stuffed bunny was as real as anything could be. Talking to you, playing with you, snuggling with you.... they understand your thoughts and feelings like nobody else. You two were inseparable.

Over the years, your beloved bunny began to show some wear and tear. A button eye disappeared and something may have torn or gotten stained, and they are just utterly oozing stuffing. But Mom or Dad always patched'em back up, stitched the rips, filled them with new innards, and your tattered Best Friend kept hugging, comforting, playing, and understanding.

Your Bunny pal can never be replaced, but we can bring more into the family, and OHM is delighted to bring you Holey Bunny 2.0 still brimming with unconditional devotion. But plan ahead. Each bunny is also serialized, engraved with an individual code, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity with the number of this limited series.

So, you see, this Holey Bunny 2.0 is very special indeed. But then you’ve always known that, right? Your bunny companion is a Special Custom Order only -- why of course he’s special -- and requires 6-8 weeks for delivery.